About Us

M. Dominique Villanueva - Co-founder

Nature lover, do-er, grounded activist teacher mama, living room dancing queen.  (she/her)

Contact her at mdv@fountainheightsfarms.com

Christopher Gooden - Co-founder

Plant lover, botanist, foodie-food producer, teacher, Big Baba.  (he/him)

Contact him at farm@fountainheightsfarms.com

The mission of Fountain Heights Farms is to improve the quality of life for the current residents of the historic Fountain Heights community of Birmingham, Alabama.

Our approach includes:

    • Meeting community needs for healthy, culturally appropriate, fresh foods through urban farming initiatives.
    • Advocating for BIPOC land ownership, land retention, and land justice.
    • Creating opportunities within the food system for flexible, self-guided employment.
    • Culturally inclusive and responsive education that reconnects urban-dwellers with the beauty and joys of nature.

Fountain Heights Farms was co-founded by Maria Dominique Villanueva and her partner Christopher Gooden in 2017 after seeing the gaps in care, concern, and resources for our neighborhood.


Classified in 2020 as the most dangerous neighborhood in Birmingham, Alabama, we know that there is a different story to tell about Fountain Heights and our neighbors. Fountain Heights is also beautiful green spaces, wooded lots, and residents who love their neighborhood.





In 2017 we started the farm in our front and back yards, In 2018 we acquired our first lot and distributed over 600 pounds of produce to area residents. In 2020, in addition to farming, we also started the 467-member #WeAllEat Food Cooperative to support BIPOC farmers during the pandemic and ensure our neighbors had food to eat regardless of their ability to pay.

In 2021 we have grown to four neighborhood-based farm spaces, built an aquaponics learning center, have distributed 10,802+ pounds of food free to the community valued at $32,406, provided neighborhood employment, hosted twelve in-person and virtual workshops, trained three burgeoning urban farmers, and provided education to residents regarding land access and land retention. And we are GROWING!