Tuesday, March 2 Volunteer day

Tuesday, March 2 Volunteer day

Volunteer Day: March 2, 2021 from 8am to noon.

Address: 1205 16th Street North Birmingham, AL 35204

Hi Friends, 

I'm so excited to be back outside and working on the farm after taking a baby break. We have so many good things to share with you! We've added another son to our family who turned one month old on February 22, our eldest son turned three on February 24.

In the midst of all this, we have been in conversation with our neighbor Ms. Payne who agrees with our mission and has given us her blessing to use her land to expand the farm and be able to feed more people! YAY!!! Thank you Ms. Payne. We are very thankful for your generosity.

On the land we will be adding a pollinator garden and a rainbow vegetable farm to highlight the importance of eating vegetables in a variety of colors in addition to upping the beauty factor of the farm.

In addition to our regular volunteer day on Monday, March 1st, we're hosting an additional volunteer day on Tuesday, March 2, 2021 from 8am to noon. During this time we will be finishing the digging for the rainwater cistern, and tilling then spreading compost and mulch for the new farm beds. We have shovels, rakes, and new gloves (thanks Bernadette!) and you are welcome to bring any additional tools you think would help. 

Things are dirty on the farm so we suggest wearing closed toed shoes, and clothes that can get dirty. We have kids  and welcome kids on the farm.  They are welcome to dig right along side of us. We want to keep all our volunteers safe and healthy, so we will be maintaining 6ft distancing guidelines and wearing masks. If you are having symptoms or think you may be sick, stay home and take care. We will see you next time!

This last year+ has been beyond hard. Nature is a healer. Come put your hands in the soil, smell the greens, laugh with other nature lovers, come get that sunshine and sweat! I promise it looks good on you!

Sending so much peace, Dominique

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