The mission of Fountain Heights Farms is to improve the quality of life for the current residents of the historic Fountain Heights community of Birmingham, Alabama through long term land stewardship by community-led urban agricultural cooperatives focused on meeting the immediate and basic need for healthy fresh foods, and through culturally responsive community education programs that support and inform urban agricultural initiatives in historically under-served areas of Birmingham, Alabama.

Our approach includes:

Meeting community needs for healthy, fresh foods.

High yield urban farming on abandoned and tax delinquent lots acquired and maintained by Fountain Heights Farms.

Meeting community needs for flexible, self-guided employment.

Unemployed and under-employed community members have the opportunity for income via sales at the weekly sliding scale farmers market, direct employment on the Fountain Heights Farm, through a C.S.A. model, through sidewalk vending, through land ownership, and through trade/barter economies.

Meeting community needs for culturally inclusive and responsive education lead by people reflective of our community.

Serving as a learning farm where neighbors and neighborhoods sharing similar situations of lack of food access, pollution, and lost/stolen historical practices can come together in a safe space to learn and grow with each other.