Collection: 2021 Fall Fresh Bag CSA

Fall Season: October 5, 12, 19, 26, and November 2, 9, 16, 23

How does it work?
During the season, each week you will receive a Fresh Bag containing our local, farm-grown, in-season produce. Our farm is known for its excellent growing practices and customer service. We grow a variety of crops including traditional and heirloom vegetables and fruits. Being a member of the Fresh Bag CSA means each week you will receive tasty, freshly harvested produce including some items we only offer to our members including potential surpluses of a crop that could be added to your share.
We will provide access to our exclusive Facebook group where you can ask questions, meet other CSA members, contact your farmers directly, enjoy recipes and so much more.

What are the terms?
1) The Fountain Heights Fresh Bag CSA provides 8 weeks of produce for each of our four seasons.
Fall Season: October 5, 12, 19, 26, and November 2, 9, 16, 23

*The dates are estimates and are subject to change based on crop availability, weather, pests, and other farming factors. You will always receive 8 weeks of produce deliveries.

2) Delivery day is Tuesday. Contactless deliveries will be made by dropping off Fresh Bags to delivery addresses within the following areas.
35204, AL,Jefferson,Birmingham,6,0
35254, AL,Jefferson,Birmingham,6,1
35203, AL,Jefferson,Birmingham,6,3
35298, AL,Jefferson,Birmingham,6,4
35283, AL,Jefferson,Birmingham,6,4
35282, AL,Jefferson,Birmingham,6,4
35259, AL,Jefferson,Birmingham,6,4
35255, AL,Jefferson,Birmingham,6,4
35285, AL,Jefferson,Birmingham,6,4
35287, AL,Jefferson,Birmingham,6,4
35288, AL,Jefferson,Birmingham,6,4
35290, AL,Jefferson,Birmingham,6,4
35291, AL,Jefferson,Birmingham,6,4
35292, AL,Jefferson,Birmingham,6,4
35293, AL,Jefferson,Birmingham,6,4
35294, AL,Jefferson,Birmingham,6,4
35295, AL,Jefferson,Birmingham,6,4
35296, AL,Jefferson,Birmingham,6,4
35253, AL,Jefferson,Birmingham,6,4
35249, AL,Jefferson,Birmingham,6,4
35246, AL,Jefferson,Birmingham,6,4
35297, AL,Jefferson,Birmingham,6,4
35201, AL,Jefferson,Birmingham,6,4
35202, AL,Jefferson,Birmingham,6,4
35219, AL,Jefferson,Birmingham,6,4
35232, AL,Jefferson,Birmingham,6,4
35237, AL,Jefferson,Birmingham,6,4
35233, AL,Jefferson,Birmingham,6,4
35234, AL,Jefferson,Birmingham,6,4
35208, AL,Jefferson,Birmingham,6,4
35207, AL,Jefferson,Birmingham,6,5
35205, AL,Jefferson,Birmingham,6,5

If you live outside the free delivery area, we’re happy to arrange delivery to you for an extra fee of $10+ $0.40 per mile using our friends at Stoer Run. Please contact us for more information and to arrange delivery.

3) Each season’s subscription is based on a pay what you will model with costs between $80 ($10/week) and $160 ($20/week) payable in full before the beginning of each season.

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